Double passenger gondola
LS 29 Goulding based Double Seat Sidecar

LS 29 based sidecar with specially build gondola for two passengers sitting in one line. Sidecar is complete and ready to hack with all mounts and double upholstery; Second seat could be hide inside gondola back; 16" or 18" wheel availible

Order code: LSCPR16 for right sidecar with 16" wheel,

                 LSCPL18 for left side with 18" wheel

Attention: Standard order implementation 30 working days

4000 EUR
LS 29 with Boot
LS 29 Goulding with open luggage compartment Sidecar

Based on LS 29  sidecar with dedicated open boot similar to Steib S 500.

Order code: LSCBR16 for right sidecar with boot and 16" wheel, LSCBL18 for left sidecar and 18" wheel

Attention: Order implementation 30 working days

3600 EUR
LS 29 sidecar gondola
LS 29 Goulding Sidecar Complete

LS 29 Goulding complete sidecar with upholstery, all mountings and 16" or 18" wheel, fenderOrder code: LSCR16 (16" wheel); LSCR18 (18"wheel)

2750 EUR
LS 29 left side sidecar complete
LLS 29 LEFT SIDE Sidecar

Complete lelf side LS 29 sidecar (UK, Australia, NZ, Sweden) with black upholstery, all mountings, fender and wheel,

Order code: LLSC (only hub),

                 LLSC16 (with 16" wheel),

                 LLSC18 (with 18" wheel)

2750 EUR
LS 29 dedicated boot gondola
LS 29 Gondola with open boot NEW !

LS 29 dedicated gondola with open back side for use as passenger seat or luggage compartment

Order code: LSGBR for gondola with boot and right door, LSGBL left door

Attention: Order implementation 30 working days

1600 EUR
Left side chassis LS 29
LS 29 Sidecar LEFT SIDE frame

Complete left side LS 29 Goulding sidecar frame;

all mountings, step and wheel axle included

Order code: LSFL (left)

1550 EUR
LS 29 sidecar chassis
LS 29 Frame

LS 29 sidecar complete frame (chassis) with all springs, complete mountings, step and wheel axle: fender and wheel not included               Order code: LSFR (right)

1500 EUR
LS 29 sidecar gondola
LS 29 Gondola

LS 29 sidecar gondola with side door;           Order code: LSGR (right door);                             LSGL (left door)

1050 EUR
LS 29 gondola without doors
LS 29 Gondola without door

LS 29 gondola without side door

Order code: LSGW (without door)

800 EUR
LS29 18" wheel
LS 29 Wheel 18"

LS 29 18" wheel usually for military sidecar version,

avalible with HD hub or original Goulding hub with brass hexagon nut with big G letter

Order code: LSWH18 (18"with HD hub);

                 LSWHG18 (18"with Goulding hub)

400 EUR
LS29 16"wheel
LS 29 Wheel 16"

Complete lanced 16" wheel for LS 29 civil sidecar; wheel with WL hub; also availible with original Goulding hub with brass hexagonal G nut;        Order code: LSWH16 (16" HD hub);                  LSWHG16 (16" Goulding hub);

400 EUR
UL mountings set
LS 29 Mountings set for U, UL, E, EL HD models 1936-1948

Complete set of all mountings for attachement LS 29 Goulding sidecar to HD models E, EL, U, UL from 1936 to 1948

for more pictures check LS 29 Sidecar INFO gallery

Order code: LSMEU

350 EUR
Rear gear sprockets
WLA Rear gears and clutch

Rear gear sprockets and clutch complete for WLA motorcycle gearbox

Order code: WLARGS

220 EUR
LS Frame leaf springs complete
LS 29 Frame leaf springs complete

Two different leaf springs for LS sidecar frame; longer inverted leaf spring for gondola suspension, shorter scroll spring for wheel suspension and step attachement

Offered in complete

Order code: LSFSC

220 EUR
LS 29 front mount for Scout 1928 to 30
LS 29 front mounts for Indian Scout 101

Two dedicated front mounts for Indian Scout 101 1928-1930 to attach LS 29 sidecar

Two pieces in price

Order code: LSM101  [NEW!]

210 EUR
LS 29  hub with G nut
LS 29 Hub Goulding with brass hexagonal G hubcap

Original Goulding hub for sidecar wheel also availible with original brass hexagonal hubcap with Goulding G letter

Order code: LSWHG 

200 EUR
LS29 hub HD
LS 29 WL Hub for sidecar wheel

WL hub for LS 29 sidecar wheel 

The same hub is used with HD WL (WLA, WLC, WLD etc.) motorcycles

Order code: LSWH (HD hub)

(Sidecar brake system with this hube possible)

200 EUR
LS29 step with Goulding name
LS 29 Step

LS 29 cast steel sidecar step with Goulding name with frame mount and nuts

Left step on request

Order code: LSFST

180 EUR
WLA Thompson cover
WLA Thompson cover

Natural leather Thompson cover attached to WLA, WLC front suspension

Two colours available: natural leather and black

Order code: ACTC

180 EUR
LS 29 left step
LS 29 left side step

Step for left version of LS 29 Gouling sidecars (used in Australia, New Zeeland, Sweden, Austria, Czechoslovakia)

Order code: LSFSTL

175 EUR
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