Munition box with mount
Munition box with mount for front fork

WLA, WLC, Indian 640, 640B, 74x, 841 front fork munition box with mount for military restored motorcycles

Order code: ACMB [New !]

85 EUR
LS gondola door
LS 29 Gondola door

Door with lock to LS 29 sidecar gondola

Order code: LSGD

70 EUR
LS 29 Door upholstery

Dedicated door upholstery for LS 29 gondola door.

Black, brown and tan availible.

Order code: LSUD [NEW!]

70 EUR
LS 29 middle frame cast connection with under the seat mount pipe 1
LS 29 middle frame cast element

LS 29 middle frame cast connection with under the seat mount pipe.

There are two elements possible to order separately

Order code: LSFMC1 with cone, LSFMC2 female

70 EUR
LS 29 under seat mount
LS 29 Below the saddle mount

Sidecar mountings - LS 29 sidecar below (upper) the saddle mount with nuts                                                                         Order code: LSM2

65 EUR
LS 29 armrests
LS 29 armrests pair

Two armrests for LS 29 gondola, colour black, brown or tan

Order code: LSUAR

60 EUR
LS29 Goulding hub brass nut
LS 29 wheel hubcap with G letter

Brass hexagonal wheel hubcap with Goulding G letter for LS 29 sidecar wheel

Order code: LSWHGH

50 EUR
LS door lock
LS 29 Gondola door lock

Lock for the door to LS Gondola

Order code: LSGDL

35 EUR
LS 29 rug
LS 29 Gondola rug

 grey rug for LS 29 sidecar gondola

Order code: LSUR

35 EUR
Goulding Album
The Goulding Album

The Goulding Album by Ron Rae.

Complete history of Goulding Sidecar Company and saga about founder James Goulding and his great family

Porto: 2,5 EUR in Europe, 3,5 EUR to US and Canada

Order code: ACA [ NEW! ]

20 EUR
Cover clamps
Cover clamps for LS 29 gondola

Dedicated clamps to install on gondola surface to hold gondola cover.

7 pcs in complete: 3 Euro each: complete 21 Eur

Order code: LSUCC

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