Front mounting 1946 up
Indian Front mounting bracket 1946-53 Chief

Indian Chief front mounting bracket to the frame of motorcycle produced between 1946 and 1953 with caps and nuts without front clevis INM1

Order code: INMB2

170 EUR
Indian hub
Indian Hub 1940-45

Indian hub 1940-1945 also for sidecar wheel; complete with bearings

Same used in Indian Chief 340, 341, 342, 343, 344 and 345 models

Order code: INWH

170 EUR
INDIAN military mudguard
Indian Fender for military sidecar

 Military non skirted mudguard for 18" wheel dedicated for military Indian Chief sidecar

Order code: INFFM (military)

170 EUR
Indian cover
Indian Gondola cover

Leatherette cover in black colour for Indian Chief gondola

Order number; INUCB

170 EUR
Indian sidecar drum with brakes
Indian Brake Plate with shoes 46 up

Indian sidecar brake plate with shoes, springs, stud and lever for SC model 46 up

Ready to mount

Order code: INWPC1

165 EUR
Indian4 front mount
Indian Four front mounting bracket

Front mounting bracket dedicated to Indian Four 1929 -1942 double-downtube frame.

Front clevis INM1 not included into bracket price! 

Middle under the seat clevis (INM2) and rear clevis (INM3C) are the same like in the Chief models

Order code: INM4

160 EUR
Indian suspension bar rear cmpl
Indian rear suspension bar complete

Complete rear Indian gondola rear suspension bar with both shackles for leaf springs (INFLS) and bolts with nuts

Order code: INFBRC

160 EUR
Indian drum 46 up
Indian Wheel Brake drum 46 up

Indian wheel brake drum for 1946 up Chief models with inner drum nut

Order code: INWBD1 [ NEW! ]

150 EUR
Indian drum
Indian Brake drum 1940 to 45

Indian 1940-1945 Wheel Brake Drum

Order code: INWBD

140 EUR
INDIAN front connecting clevis
Indian Connecting clevises

Front and below the saddle connecting clevises; front with wider diameter bolt (upper on picture);  thin bolt below the saddle; Price for complete

Order number; INM12

140 EUR
INDIAN alloy step
Indian Step Plate

Indian cast steel step-plate with Indian trademark name

Order code: INFSP

120 EUR
Indian drum
Indian Brake Plate for sidecar

Indian brake plate for sidecar wheel together with lever and stud (sidecar models 1940-1945)

Brake shoes not included

Order code: INWP

110 EUR
Indian pipe under the seat
Indian connecting pipe

Indian sidecar frame connecting pipe to attach under the seat of motorcycle frame. 

Pipe should be attached to middle under the seat clevis (INM2) and sidecar frame clamps (INFC)

Order code; INFP

100 EUR
Indian sidecar axle with nut
Indian Axle with nut

Axle for Indian sidecar wheel with nut

Order code: INFA

100 EUR
Indian rear support plate 40 up
Indian Rear Support Plate

Rear support plate for Indian gondola 1940 up (all sidecar Chief models)

Order code: INFSP

100 EUR
INDIAN frame clamp
Indian Frame clamps

Indian sidecar frame front  clamps complete (with bolts)

40 EUR each

Order code: INFC

100 EUR
Indian suspension bar rear
Indian suspension bar rear

Indian sidecar gondola rear suspension bar with nut.

Two suspension shackles (INFS) should be installed on this bar

Order code: INFBR

90 EUR
Indian rear mount cmpl
Indian Rear clevis cmpl

Complete Indian rear clevis for all Chief sidecar models. Last of the three connection clevices for Indian Chief motorcycle frame with both bolts and nuts

Order number; INM3C

90 EUR
Indian shacles
Indian Gondola suspension shackles

 Two shackles for leaf spring SC gondola suspension (on rear bar - INFBR) with bolts and nuts

40 EUR each

Order code: INFS

90 EUR
Indian gondola side panels
Indian gondola side panels

Two inner side panels for SC gondola, available in black, brown, tan or red

40 Eur each 

Order code: INUP

80 EUR
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