Indian suspension bar front
Indian Gondola suspension front bar

Indian Gondola suspension front bar

Order code: INFBF

70 EUR
Indian mount front
Indian front connecting clevis

Indian sidecar frame front connecting clevis with nut used with front mounts INMB1 or INMB2

order code: INM1

70 EUR
Indian mount 2 under seat
Indian middle clevis

Indian sidecar frame middle under the seat clevis to attach into connecting pipe (INFP)

Order code: INM2

70 EUR
Indian rear mount
Indian rear mount

Indian sidecar rear mount to attach with motorcycle frame

Order code: INM3

70 EUR
Indian fender pipe
Indian sidecar fender mounting pipe

Dedicated steel pipe to hold sidecar fender, allowing to hold up sidecar fender, always sold together with our sidecar valanced fenders

Order code: INFFP

70 EUR
Indian drum cover 46 up
Indian wheel brake drum cover 1946 up

Cover for Indian Chief wheel brake 1946 up

Order code: INWBD1C

70 EUR
Indian armrests
Indian Gondola armrests

Two armrests for SC gondola, available in black, brown, tan and red colours

Order code: INUAR

60 EUR
Indian brake rod
Indian Brake linkage rod for sidecar

Rod (linkage) for Indian sidecar equipped with brakes

Order code: INFBR

60 EUR
Indian bellcrank
Indian sidecar brake bellcrank

Indian sidecar cast brake bell crank to allow right sidecar braking, three rod holes and fitting

Order code: INFBC [NEW!]

50 EUR
Indian gondola rug
Indian Rug for gondola

Indian gondola rug only grey colour availible

Order number: INUR

35 EUR
Indian cam lever
Indian sidecar brake cam lever

Indian sidecar brale cam lever for braking system for right sidecar

Please check other parts for sidecar braking system

order code: INFBL [NEW!]

35 EUR
Indian clamps short
Indian sidecar leaf spring clamp

Indian leaf spring single clamp short with two nuts

Order code: INFLSC

30 EUR
Indian long clamp
Indian long spring clamp

Indian sidecar leaf spring long clamp with two nuts sold separately

Order code: INFLSCL

30 EUR
Indian back seat key
Indian sidecar seatback lock key

Dedicated cast key to back seat lock for Indian sidecar

Order code: INUSK [NEW!]

25 EUR
indian drum nut
Indian drum nut

Indian wheel drum nut

Order code: INWDN

20 EUR
Indian hub nuts
Indian Hub Nut

Indian hub nuts 4 EUR each,

Complete of 6 nuts 24 EUR

Order code: INWHN

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